My oil paintings are a vibrant expression of the feminine and the can-do spirit of the Wild American West as embodied by my paternal grandmother and great grandmother, both award-winning horsewomen.  

I use saturated colors, often found in nature, to interpret burgeoning growth, beauty and the human form especially of Jennie Pawson and AEola Huston Mitchell, my cowgirl ancestors. I know these feisty women from stories I heard my father tell and from old photographs showing the time Jennie met Theodore Roosevelt and another from 1901 when she was named a champion of the Cheyenne, Wyoming Frontier Days.

As a child I spent hours on the floor of my grandfather’s music room as Enrico Caruso serenaded me from the Victrola. I gazed in awe at the tall bookcases, art-covered walls and my grandfather’s art nouveau postcard collection.   This world of refinement and beauty left a deep impression on me. Then, when I was six years old, after corrective eye surgery, I awoke to discover a world of darkness. Although I eventually healed, this traumatic experience instilled in me a deep appreciation for both beauty and color.

My oil paintings are devoted to beauty especially in its feminine form. I seek to create a visual feast with generous use of vivid colors. My work explores my fascination with the feminine, eroticism, and perseverance of the human spirit especially as it expresses itself through the award-winning horsewomen who were my grandmother and great grandmother.

To create my work, I find inspiration from old family photographs, shapes found in nature and artwork of the turn-of-the-century romantics that I first glimpsed in my grandfather’s music room. I select, re-shape, and research to create paintings that guide my viewer to the wisdom, strength and beauty of the eternal feminine found inside each one of us. I work in radiant colors that evoke a lust for life and the kind of fearlessness that I imagine my ancestors had as they endured the hardships and excitement of being horsewomen in the Wild West.

I paint to give voice to my cowgirl ancestors and in doing so, to stir the hearts of my audience so that they may find in themselves a quiet strength, both romantic and hard-won.